Types of Fluids:

Just like oil for your engine your vehicle relies on liquid in many systems to keep everything running smooth and reducing wear and tear. Without fluid services many of these systems will fail lowering performance and causing damage, it can be hard to know when to book a service appointment so to make things easier we've created this page to show you some of the signs and symptoms. 

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Windshield wiper fluid,  yellow cap, service

Windshield Washer Fluid:

Weather in New England can change by the minute so you never want to find yourself with low windshield washer fluid or busted wipers. Whether your wipers are worn out or your low on fluid our certified service technicians are ready to assist you.

Power Steering Fluid:

Your power steering fluid is what allows you to easily turn your steering wheel and helps to reduce wear on your vehicle. Luckily low power steering fluid is easy to spot, if you hear a loud squealing when turning or find it is harder to turn your steering wheel you should schedule service as soon as possible.

Power steering fluid, yellow cap, power steering service
Brake Fluid, yellow cap, service

Brake Fluid:

Just like your power steering system your brakes use fluid to make it easier for you to slow down and come to a complete stop. If your brake fluid is low you may find it is taking longer to slow down or stop this can put increased amounts of wear on your brakes and make it more difficult to avoid collisions. 

Engine Coolant:

As your engine heats up it uses coolant to help regulate its temperature keeping it running efficiently and prevent overheating. If your coolant levels are low you'll notice fuel consumption and emissions increases and worse overall performance. If you think your coolant levels are low its important to schedule service early as to avoid lasting damage. 

Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush
differential gear, diffrential oil, maintenance, service

Many people forget that they need to service their differential gear and find out the hard way how important differential fluid is. The fluid in your differential gear allows it to function without wearing down too fast. If your oil level falls too low you may hear a grinding or clanking coming from your differential this is putting stress on the gears and could leave your vehicle inoperable. If you think you need new differential fluid contact our certified service technicians and they'll assist you.